How to Add a Payment Method for Facebook Ads

Before paid ad campaigns can be submitted for approval, Facebook must have a payment method on file.

It’s important to ensure your payment method is saved well in advance so that the approval process can start as soon as possible.

1. Sign in to Your Facebook Ads Manager

Go to your Payments Settings in Ads Manager.

2. Click on Add Payment Method

You’ll see a number of section boxes.

In the box entitled Payment Methods, click the Add Payment Method button.

3. Select Your Payment Method

Select your payment method (i.e. credit card, PayPal, online bank). Then click the Next button.

4. Enter Your Payment Details

The image below is for credit card details.

Click the Save button.

5. Your Payment Method Is Saved

If your payment details were accepted, you’ll see a success message like the image below.

Click the Done button.