How to Grant User Access to Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays an important role in making informed marketing decisions. We utilize your Google Analytics data in the following ways:

  • Optimize paid advertisement targeting.
  • Identify sales funnel improvement opportunities.
  • Ensure accurate ad campaign attribution.
  • Generate marketing performance reports.
  • Drive optimization of on-going marketing efforts.

1. Sign in to Your Google Analytics Account

Sign in to Google Analytics.

Select the login you use to manage your business app/website. In Google Analytics, this is called a Property.

2. Click Admin

You’ll see a number of menu options on the left-hand side of the screen.

The Admin option will be at the bottom.

Google Analytics Admin Button

3. Click Property User Management

The Admin screen will display three (3) columns for:

  • Account
  • Property
  • View

Click the Property User Management option from the Property column.

Google Analytics Property User Management

4. Click the "+" Button to Add Users

Click on the “+” button in the upper right corner. A menu will drop down with two options.

Click on the Add users option.

Google Analytics Add User Button

5. Enter the New User's Email Address

Enter the email provided to you by your account manager.

Check the Notify new users by email checkbox.

Google Analytics Add User Email

6. Check the Edit Checkbox

Under the Permissions section, check the Edit checkbox.

* Agencies should not need permissions to manage user permissions, so make sure that Manage Users is NOT checked.

Google Analytics Add User Permissions

7. Click Add

Verify the new user permissions, then click the Add button.

Google Analytics Add User Permissions